The Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Tour was a nationwide tour that ran during the summer months in 1999 and 2000 to promote Cartoon Cartoon Fridays and its programs.


The 1999 tour ran in 11 cities in the summer of 1999. The tour averaged about 1,500 people attendees at eahc event, but some markets like Detroit had over 5,000 attendees. At each event was a 35-foot inflatable TV screen for attendees with watch Cartoon Cartoons on.


The Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Tour 2000 ran in 13 cities from June 9 through September 1. The tour arrived in cities like Atlanta, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New Brunswick, Buffalo, Denver, San Francisco and San Diego. The promotion began in the southern states and making its way up the eastern seaboard, then going west toward California. The tour concluded with a four-day event at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Among the highlights at each event were a 35-foot inflatable TV screen to watch Cartoon Cartoons, a sneak peek at the shorts that premiered on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays that summer, raffle contests that gave away prizes and appearances by costumed characters. DJs and local radio stations were also on hand. The tour was sponsored by Hi-C, whose new flavor "Smashin' Wild Berry" was given to kids for free at each event.

The tour was also sponsored by local cable providers in each market, who also teamed with Cartoon Network in a sweepstakes to give a family of four in each area the chance to win an expenses-paid trip to Universal Studios Hollywood.

On the days before the big party each Friday night, the Mobile would stop in high-traffic places like beaches, water parks and shopping malls to give kids a chance to e-mail their favorite cartoon characters.